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The Garden

Bob bought the property for the simple reason that it had an eight foot wall surrounding the garden. There were only two things in it, piles of soot and an old metal garage. The photograph below is the earliest one we have showing the garden before it was transformed. Bob had already built a pond and marked out the boundaries with canes and an old hose-pipe. 


 The actual garden plot is a typical long narrow Victorian one, 22.5 x 6.3m, (75 x 21 ft) and has evolved through different stages. The present garden is divided into five areas: patio, terra-cotta garden, pool garden, woodland and finally a formal area with grotto. The boundaries of each area are diagonal trellis or hedges, intended to deceive the eye into seeing the spaces as wider than they are. This optical illusion is further strengthened by the curving lines, both horizontal and vertical.

You can see the whole layout of the garden in the photograph above.

The garden as it is today. This picture was taken from the bathroom window in May 2011.

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